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Dorin Gheciu dorin.gheciu at
Wed Mar 21 17:18:05 EST 2001

Dear Sasko,

I believe there are not many Slav Macedonians living in Albania. However, you are right, Albanians do enjoy some political rights in Macedonia, and the Macedonian administration has treated the Albanians better than the Serbs did. However, there is still inequity in Macedonia regarding the Albanians. Many foreign, impartial observers have noticed that there is a rather crass job discrimination against them, and they do not receive a proportionate share of government services. Also, Albanian language should be an official language in Macedonia, due to the very large proportion of Albanians. The government should fund an Albanian-speaking University, the same way it funds the Macedonian-speaking Universities, since Albanians also pay taxes. Albanians should enjoy the same rights as sizeable minorities in all civilized countries, for instance the French-speaking Canadians, Swiss or Belgians. Treating minorities fairly and with the utmost respect has not led to the disintegration of those countries. On the contrary, it is the main reason for their prosperity and social peace. 

In spite of this, I don't believe there is deliberate, malevolent persecution of Albanians in Macedonia (like it used to be in Kosova). It is more a case of nepotism: in a poor country, people tend to take care first of their relatives and friends. Also, there is unjustified fear about the disintegration of  Macedonia. Actually, Albania and Albanians have a vested interest in the survival of Macedonia. The two peoples should be natural allies: both have suffered a lot in the past. They have  been victims of the most brutal persecution from their rapacious neighbors, like Greece and others. 

In fact, I am sure that the Macedonians will end up granting the Albanians their legitimate, minority rights, and Macedonia will prosper. Additionally, Macedonia will have no better friend and supporter than Albania. Unlike other Balkan nations, Albanians are not inclined towards occupying and oppressing other peoples.

Yours sincerely,
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  From: Sasko Karakulev 

  Hi my dear frinds

  I'm apologise for my comment but I'll say, PLEASE DONT BE BLIND !!!
  Here are three facts

  1. Macedonia have 17 sectors in goverment, in those 17 five of ministers are Albanines, minister of justice, minister od Economy 
  minister of Works and social politics, etc, etc... Also alabnies have 7 vice ministers in goverment.
  Where in the world is same as here. Please tell me how much Macedonian ministers  had Albanien gouverment?? No one !!
  it is the thruth. It is very very sorrow for You my dears.
  2  Few mounth ago was the election in the Macedonian parliament for president of parliament. In those elections
  was proposed Mr. Haliti from PDP "Also where in the world the situations is the same." Tha fact that Haliti is not the
  president of Macedonian parliament is that alabninas from PDSH in parliement voted against Haliti. It is the truth my sorrow dear.
  Please tell me, is possoble someone from Macedonian hwo lives in Albania to be president of albanian parliament.???
  Ha Ha HA I'm sure taht You think and will say never never never.
  3 As the situatin going on, the situation is worsed in Monetenegro also the problem are You my dear. 
  The world finaly can not understand how only the Alabanian people cant live with none around him.
  It is possible to for example for me to hate someone but to hate everything around me then the problem is inside me.

  Now the situation in Maceedonia is the beeg shame for us Alabaniens people so please be patient and give peace a chance, every
  problem need to be soved trough the institution of system. I dont like to give my brother live or my live for someone hwo work
  on the black market and now fight for his own interest.


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