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[Prishtina-l] Violence in Pristina (fwd)

Etrit Bardhi etrit at
Mon Nov 29 11:03:34 EST 1999

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Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 08:32:29 -0700
From: Anthony Teran <anthonyt at>
To: support at
Subject: Violence in Pristina

Good Day,

I am writing in response to the horrible crime that occurred in a main
street of Pristina.  For years, my neighbors and I have supported Kosovo's
cry for independence and justice, and continue to do so, but these latest
crimes I am now hearing about is really starting to make me think twice.
How can people behave so sadistically??  I don't understand what an elderly
couple can do to the independence of Kosovo or how they undermine the
people's will.  I truly understand the animosity that is held towards the
Serb people and culture, and I truly feel sorry for the harsh and unfair
treatment they pressed upon your people, BUT WHERE DOES IT ALL END??  How do
you think NATO and the U.N. feel about trying to protect people who do the
same damn thing to the other side.  We are not talking about soldiers, or
spies, or propaganda people, we are talking about elderly people.  If this
is the way Kosovar-Albanians are going to act, the same and not a dignified
people who just won independence to make life better, Kosovo will begin to
lose support of the U.N., NATO, and the rest of the countries that put their
reputation on the line to help you.  If this is the way newly independent
people are going to act, well I guess it would be better for you to fight
each other until one conquers the other with no outside help.  Maybe all the
people with hatred in their hearts will all be killed off, and somewhere
down the line humanity and civilization can finally start.

Please forward this to the proper people.

Anthony S. Teran

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