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Etrit Bardhi etrit at
Sat Nov 27 13:58:50 EST 1999

Kosovo Battles Resurgence of Organized Crime 

By DAVID HOLLEY, LA Times Staff Writer

PRISTINA, Yugoslavia--The
brown Mercedes without license
plates slowed on a downtown
street, and the driver called out to a
teenage girl. 
"He pointed at me and
said, 'You, come closer,' " recalled the
13-year-old ethnic
Albanian. "I didn't go near but said, 'What do
you want?' He said, 'Don't be
a bad girl.' I said, 'What?' Then he
rolled up the window and left." 
The incident here in
Kosovo's capital lasted only a moment. But
it was one that could strike
fear into any parent's heart. 
"I'm afraid even for
myself, not to speak of my daughter," said
Mevlyde, the girl's mother,
who asked that only her first name be
published. Her greatest crime
worry, Mevlyde said, is the
kidnapping of children who are
then sexually abused or sold into
prostitution. "I think the
ones involved in this are mostly Albanians
from Albania," she added. 

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