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[Prishtina-E] Re: A colonial mindset!

rdelia rdelia at
Wed Jan 24 15:20:02 EST 2001

I`m not very good in politics.The war in Kosova might`ve been a religious
one as you say, even though I never have believed that, but there`s
something I`m very sure of and that`s:

none of the islamic countries will ever help Kosova,
just like they always have been against us.

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> Dear all,
> I am deeply shocked with the deep impact that the colonial masters of
Kosova have made on many Albanians.
> There is not a single doubt that the war in Kosova is a religious one.
> Albanians, a nation of 90% muslims, which are the biggest Islamic nation
of Europe, after the fall of the Osmanly Devlet (Ottoman Khilafa), were the
first who found the evil punishment of the new crusaders who got their
> There is not a single doubt that Serbs in Kosova, (which is the most
highly Islamic region of Europe and the World, 98% Muslims) are fighting
> Albanians are the biggest Islamic nation of Europe. Europe has divided
8.000.000 Albanians into 4 different states, and will never allow this
nation to be united into one.
> As all Albanian secularist leaders saw it, during the war of Kosova, the
only sincere friend of Albanians and their Causa for independence is the
Muslim World.
> Countries like Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Chechnya etc... are
the ones who really understand and feel the real fate of their Albanian
Kosovar brothers!
> But the Serbian and Latin puppets who control nowadays Kosova, are crazy
about the idea of Muslim Unity and help in Kosova. Europe will never allow
Kosova to have a protector Sultan, who will protect the innocent Albanians
from the Serbian orthodox yoke. Since Serbs clearly identify themselves as
Orthodox, get money, weapons and blessing from Athens and Moscow, Albanians
are strictly forbiden and encouraged from their COLONIAL MASTERS to seek
help from Istanbul and Mecca.... This is the best strategy of the Orthodox
and Catholic world, on keeping Kosova weak, without any support and
> And we are seing the results!!!
> Yes, the war of Kosova was just a show!
> Nowadays UCK is dead. The Serbs are compromising with the Catholic masters
of Europe. Romani Prodi and all the EU are supporting Kostunica with money
and weapons. UN mission in Kosova is duing the work of Serbia. They
distributing mass pills for Albanian women in order for reducing Kosovars
birth rates. Kosova is still under chains.
> The hipocritical Kosovar lidership of Ibrahim Rugova and his clan, which
are simpy Vatican's puppets, will never lead Kosova to independence. Europe
does not loves Albanians, because they are Muslims.
> Pope, the master of Rugova, in the case of East Timor, send a cry in
Washington for his catholic followers...... they gave to East Timor freedom
from Muslim Indonesia, but Europe will never give independence to Muslim
Kosova from the Christian Europe! Pope never cried for just 1 hour far
flying Kosova...
> May Allah swt shows His mercy upon Kosova and its victimized Muslim
> Without the Muslim help, Kosova is a dead issue!
> Shame for Albanians who can not see beyond the screen which their colonial
masters have imposed on them!
> On Mon, 22 Jan 2001 17:08:35
>  marta gazideda wrote:
> >Dear Mr. Blumi,
> >
> >I assume you are addressing this message to "Albanians" regardless of
their religious beliefs. If my assumption is correct (as it seems to be) I
would have expected you to start the letter with a "mire dita",
"pershendetje", "t'u ngate jeta" or similar.
> >
> >I neither understand nor speak Arabic, as neither do other Albanians,
with exception of those who are studying Arabic Language and Muslim
> >
> >I am perplexed with your quote: "My trouble is that this is a perfect
example of how incapable we Muslims are in organizing to protect our
interests.  How can the abuse of these symbols of hate against Muslim be
> >permitted to continue?"
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