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[Prishtina-E] Sex-slave trade in Kosova; Roger Waters inspired by events in Kosova

Etrit Bardhi etrit at
Sun Jun 11 23:29:26 EDT 2000

The following story: "Sex-slave trade flourishes in Kosovo" at
is pretty sad.  Also, notice how they spelled Guilani (town of Gjilan).

Also, Roger Waters (formerly with the band Pink Floyd) was inspired by
events in Kosova to write his new song.  Here's an excerpt from a recent

"Waters says he has about five songs completed and plans to play one of
them, ``Each Small Candle,'' during this summer's tour.

Inspired by a report from Kosovo about a Serbian soldier who broke ranks
to help a wounded Albanian woman, the song, according to Waters, posits
the idea that ``we're all important to one another and we all have a
personal responsibility ... to make one significant or beautiful mark on
the big painting.''

That's been a common theme in Waters' work, particularly his solo outings,
and he says it will likely be a thread running through the rest of his
next album.

``I've always been obsessed with the idea of senseless death and
destruction and pain and poverty and things that are actually avoidable,''
says Waters, whose father was killed in battle during World War II. ``And
they may well be becoming more avoidable as we learn to communicate with
each other directly."

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