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Etrit Bardhi etrit at
Tue Apr 25 22:54:37 EDT 2000


that is a very nice story.  Do you remember what was the name of the place
they were from?  Theer are internet centers in various cities in Kosova
now, so you might be able to get in touch with them.


On Tue, 25 Apr 2000 LeftyLiss at wrote:

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> Thanks for the web site.  Our church sponsored a refugee family last summer.  
> One family provided them with a place to live and four others (including 
> mine) tended to their everyday needs such as school contacts, doctors, 
> dentists, shopping, outings, recreation, visits, etc.  We got so close to 
> them, especially the sixteen year old boy.  He spent lots of time at our 
> house and we got him a part time job and took him to and from work, etc.  The 
> father decided to return home and the family seemed to be ready, too - with 
> mixed feelings, of course.  The boy wanted to stay here.  We came to love him 
> as our own and he called us his American Ma Ma and Daddy.  Of course, it was 
> awful when they left.  I cried for two solid days and still think about them 
> constantly.  Although the four children spoke English fairly well, we only 
> know a few Albanian words.  They cannot read or write English very well and I 
> don't know how to communicate when we get their address.  All I know is that 
> they will go to Pristina and then home which is in a small place (American 
> word for "flat").  I would give anything to let them know we are always here 
> and to know they are safe and happy.  Thanks.
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