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[NYC-L] "Made in America by Americans for Americans"

Idriz Ajeti xyzirdi at
Tue Nov 11 12:02:20 EST 2008

" Dear Idriz,
.....I personally like Mercedes made anywhere.It doesn't matter where the product was made as long as the manufacturer followes the Quality Control guidelines..."
Dear Member,
Excellent choice! You just revealed to me that you have a very expensive and exquisite taste. Not to be outdone, I'm an expensive date myself. I like Mercedes and BMW. I carefully used the transitive verb 'like' not 'love',  because 'I like cars' and 'I love a woman'. The attraction is in the German engineering. I like the way the car is made, the way it feels, it drives, it hugs the road, the way I look behind its wheel ( it brings out my blue eyes!), etc..
This is how I feel but understandably not everybody agrees with me. As you can see from the following example I'll use to make my point. 
" Once I had a girl who shouldn't say she once had me." (The Beatles) 
This Jewish girlfriend of mine utterly despised Mercedes and refused to sit in it, much less  drive, because according to her, during WWII, the Mercedes manufacturer assisted the Nazis in the Holocaust.
Maybe she was right, who knows. I admit, I'm not an expert in WWII history.
Anyway, although she was good in the sack and treated me nice, we didn't last too long. It was one of those May-to-July summer romances. One day I got tired of her Matzo-balls,Lox and Bagels and decided to call it a quit.  I dumped her,..literally, during sex. However, not before I started seeing her drop-dead, gorgeous girl-friend who, coincidentally, also happened to be Jewish and on top it, she drove 325 BMW. Obviously I was not tired of the Jewish cuisine but only her. I know what are you saying, I was a 'Bad Boy', and I admit she was crushed.
Hey! That's life.Now as I sit back and think of it all I can say is:    
" It was joy, it was fun, we had season in the sun..." (song)
Today, I presume she hates BMW's, too.And with all the good reasons. I just hope she got married and didn't have any more break-ups after that, otherwise she would end up riding a donkey just like Moses did in the Holy Land.
Idriz Ajeti       

 "Made in America by Americans for Americans" 

" It has been reported that VW will setup shop in Rocky Mount, North Carolina — where the German automaker has been rumored to have purchased land — although VW has yet to confirm that report. The new plant should help VW with its goal of selling 800,000 VW vehicles in the U.S. by 2018."

Driving on I-95, I see a car in front of me with a bumpersticker which reads:
                                           BUY AMERICAN!!! 

Here's my question: 

Would you much rather buy/drive a Ford made in Germany or a Volkswagen made in the USA? 
Idriz Ajeti

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