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Thu Jul 28 21:22:55 EDT 2005

>From: "ms. xa" <jetkoti at>

>First, I was wondering HOW did Mr. Krasniqi manage to get licensed to
>purchase the arms he did (let alone so smoothly to get them to his
--Apparently, either Ms. XA doesn't live in the US (but surprisingly enough, 
we all seem to be suckers for English and not our native Albanian) or she 
has no clue what goes on outside of her dorm room. For your info, any US 
citizen can easily get a license to own a gun, provided he/she has no prior 
criminal record.

>There is way too much emphasis on the part of the filmmaker on
>just how easy it is to do this for sinister reasons, but nothing is really
>pronounced or clarified as to how this was actually done.
--Watchin the documentary certainly helps to answer most of your questions. 
Or, if you're so interested about this process, maybe reading the book of 
Mrs. Sullivan would be a good idea.
>Second, HOW did Mr. Krasniqi manage to raise $30,000,000, legally, I 
>and not through any illegal or otherwise covert means? Has this
>'fund-raising' been documented in any way? If so, how come it doesn't seem
>to have been included in the documentary, not to any detail but just
>generally enough so as to sound feasible, as the kind of money that could
>have REALISTICALLY been raised by ethnic Albanians themselves (assuming
>every single Albanian living in the US, including all well-do Albanian
>businessmen, had contributed to some degree).
--I have some doubts myself about the actual sum, but it doesn't really 
surprise me. Having lived through those times and having contributed to that 
fund ("Vendlindja therret"), it could be possible that $30 million was 
raised. BUT, referring to my reply (reasons why you're asking these 
questions): ANYONE can raise funds in the good ol' US of A. Gov't 
authorities will not interfere if you have a legit reason (uhm... help the 
poor in Kosova maybe?) and as long as you're paying taxes to Uncle Sam (or 
you set up a non-profit organization and get a non-profit status).
>And maybe lastly, WHERE did Mr. Krasniqi, at the time that he agreed to
>becoming the hot subject of a film (for after all, he was absolutely "film
>material"-and I am not going to miss it again!)  find guarantee that he
>would be all right with the law, both US and international, for having
>otherwise engaged in (supported) the killing of many people? I guess I'm
>asking how come Mr. Krasniqi has no fear of being singled out as a possible
>terrorist (or someone with links to more familiar terrorist organizations)
>by the US government, even though the way he 'used' this country was
>(supposedly) legal on every count (that the reader/viewer isn't allowed to
>learn much about? (By the way, the "expert" links included in the website
>that talk about arm acquisition in this country weren't quite helpful in
>trying to understand HOW Mr. Krasniqi exploited the law so skillfully.)
--OK, seriously, I'm baffled why you're so curious how he did it and all 
details how one can do it again. Are you trying to recreate what Mr. 
Krasniqi did or what?

And by the way, no, we can't tell you those ways. Patriot Act put a stop to 
that :)

>Indeed what sort of an Albanian "hero" is this Florin Krasniqi. Balkan
>history and literature have since taught that a people's hero (e.g.
>Skenderbeu) exists to the extent that he kills and doesn't get killed
>himself, or only at the end.the hero is someone who knows how to and has 
>means (physical, financial, political, etc.) of waging war. A hero is
>someone of great personality and terrifying strength, like Achilles, with
>"connections" to and favored by the gods, who in turn are amused at the
>human tragicomedy as they watch from Mount Olympos the Trojans and the
>Acheans tearing each other apart-with their help!  And like Achilles too, a
>hero must be weak only at the hill, and that is precisely where he ends up
>getting fatally wounded.
--Where do you get these defitions of a hero?! Since one is someone 
considered a hero only when he/she kills?! Do you think that those 
firefighters who gave their lives saving people from the burning Twin Towers 
on 9/11 are considered by everyone as heroes because they killed or because 
they possesed super human physicall strengths?

Get your facts straight and then come and BS here. I'm sorry about my 
language but I am not fond at all of people who argue just for the sake of 
arguing. The worst are those cling on and continue to argue desperately even 
though they know deep inside that they have nothing to argue about.

>If Krasniqi is going to be trumpeted a hero, "an
>American son of Kosovo," a person who doesn't buy Ms. Klartjee's 
>and story telling, nor Mr. Krasniqi's account, can only venture a dangerous
>guess as to who Krasniqi's god is, the god that helped him set up "elephant
>hunting clubs" (as absurd as this would have clearly been to any European
>airport check point.coming from Albania.unless, of course, there were 
>from the gods), the god that poured money from the heavens and trained and
>supported his successful mission. Perhaps this movie is a cover up for 
>that readers/viewers like me, and certainly the curious world at large, and
>the enemies, needn't know about.
--whatever. Are you saying that CIA is so "godly" that has European airport 
checkpoints under its wing? Seriously, stop this bs. In case you didn't 
know, European airport checkpoints, unlike the US (until 9/11) are all 
owned, operated and controlled by their respective governments. Don't try to 
tell me that CIA has the European gov'ts under it's wing either, read the 
paper, listen to the news (hint: check what happened in Italy with some CIA 

>Pehraps Mr. Krasniqi didn't have a "double" but a "triple-life," and
>"Brooklyn Connection" maybe merely seeks to eliminate possible rumors about
>his 'third' one, one funded and supported by the invisible hand of mighty
>CIA (and it wouldn't be exactly the first time they did this).
--perhaps so. WHO THE HELL CARES?!

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