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Jeton Ademaj jeton at
Sun Jul 24 15:40:29 EDT 2005

hey dont let's quibble about yer deeply sucky poesy, i have the right to 
expectorate your typographic swill out of my memory!

i admit your true nature/origin remains a mystery, but that you're a commie 
bullshit artist is certain. You have shifted from claiming that Florin was a 
CIA puppet to simply reiterating generic Serbian propaganda about the KLA as 
a whole. Fine, I get it, you're a "plant" doing yer little "planting" thing.

ho-hum...that there are Albanians involved in organized crime is beyond 
doubt, that some Albanian criminals contributed money to the KLA is widely 
believed, and some members of the KLA may well have commited war crimes. 
These assertions have all been 'in play' for has the Serbian 
and/or Stalinist tactic of tarring the whole KLA with the actions of a few. 
That tactic has NOT worked, and it's always because little commie-robots 
like yourself fail to provide any *evidence*. You fail every time...

Ahhhh, Juliana, Xhuliana, Giuliana...what happened to make you such a 
dingbat? The "CIA/KLA" links you provided offered nothing new, just unnamed 
"sources" claiming an operational connection *during the NATO bombing*. You 
could have spared us all the run around about "dialogue" and posted those 
links along with your supplemental theories (eg: "the CIA armed them too!") 
from the get-go, instead you initiated this mindlessly coy and tiresome 
trolling effort.

Before you go back to your little red bunker, would you be so kind as to 
post some poetry here on NYC-L for us? "Rose are red, violets are blue, i 
spreadlegs for Slobo, and i look like him, too!"


let this be a lesson to people: beware of renewing interactions with 
something you chose to flush away already!


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