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ms. xa jetkoti at
Sun Jul 24 13:57:37 EDT 2005



This is not the first time I encounter bullies like you...bullshit their way
through...just because they can--it's a free forum, after all.


If you think that expressing as much rage as you do can make you any more
right, then of course you're right because you're full of rage and that can
also be mistaken for righteous indignation.  


The fact that it enrages you so much and makes you spit so much venom is
understandable to some degree: you were directly, personally affected by the


So affected and touched are you by the Albanian cause in this war that
apparently you feel that anyone who disagrees with you is an
"albo-commie-gothchik who posts exceedingly bad poetry to Alb-Club" or any
other names you called me me. Name-calling is where machos rely for
strength; I take it, you didn't have enough balls to go fight the war
yourself?! So now you have to defend the victory by bringing in
irrelevancies to put down a girl. Impressive! Keep researching alb-club,
this way you'll have more to say about me that's supposed to make me feel
bad, since, after all, you have nothing more substantial to give in the way
of thoughtful rebuttals [to my original doubts/insinuations] or comments to
make. I suspect that's because you cannot think for yourself....


If you have aught to say, SAY IT, don't just give yourself the momentary
satisfaction of calling me names, because, when I and others read them, it's
YOU who sounds pathetic and kind of hopeless. At such instances, anyone can
tell that you feel so threatened in your identity that you feel you must
defend yourself against "slanderers" like me and others who dare to be
extremely dubious of things that to you are absolutely true. 


Cursing people because they refuse dogmatically to believe what they're
being told to believe (through movies like TBC) is YOUR failure to
understand that I am allowed to think out loud and inquire for myself even
if it offends your nationalist sensibilities. 


Here's some candy for you, and I'm sure there's more to come!



Now Fuck Off! And don't mention my name again!



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