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Jeton Ademaj jeton at
Sat Jul 23 23:41:45 EDT 2005

Isa: just kidding, i dont blame you *in this case* for these people's 
logical failures...

XA: my apologies, i took the dangerous ignorance of your comments to be some 
sort of stalinist ruse, partly because i noticed your first post on nyc-l 
was on 9/13/01. i usually hear insinuations like yours from serb and greek 
nationalists and socialist activists, and had no idea yer just some 
albo-commie-gothchik who posts exceedingly bad poetry to Alb-CLub. I mistook 
your pretensiousness for malevolance... but u should come to an argument 
prepared to argue coherently. Your questions were illthought and poorly 
veiled attempts to enlist me in projecting your thesis, which i consider to 
be paranoid and erroneous. Do your own work and come back with the fruit of 

Lab: Same for you. YOU are offering the equation that "Florin Krasniqi = CIA 
front", the onus is on you to convince us. YOU do_the_math, and *show all 
work*. Merely asserting the big bad CIA is the true force behind something 
won't get you very far outside the local Red Balloons meeting or maybe 
smoking up with the Ras Tafaris at a reggae concert... both you and 
Xhulliana need to understand that your assertions imply that numerous 
Albanian-Americans' experiences holding fundraisers and giving away 
hard-earned cash never happened. Such assertions must earn some shred of 
credibility through argument and evidence, merely claiming that hostility 
towards you somehow validates your argument is delusional and invites 
additional scorn.

Beavis The Beast, Euro-D3vil boy: in a week that offered silliness onlist 
not seen in years, your last post was the emptiest of all. Given that you 
had nothing to share, I thank you for sharing :)

a full week by nyc-l standards, there was even a moment there when i thought 
someone would actually put something new on the table...still waiting...

reminder: here in nyc, PBS will again air  "POV: The Brooklyn Connection" on 
channel 13 at 1am sunday nite-monday morning. maybe that will advance some 


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