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[NYC-L] Commie BS-week on NYC-L?

Isa Blumi ngapeja at
Sat Jul 23 09:25:54 EDT 2005

Jeton, being a product of the Reagen era (was myself
released from an institution) I take no responsibility

--- Jeton Ademaj <jeton at> wrote:

>           === NYC-L: New York City Discussion Forum
> ===
> aiiiieeee!
> can people PLEASE get in the habit of SUBSTANTIATING
> their bullshit?
> laberia, what *evidence* do u offer to question or
> refute Krasniqi's claim 
> that he raised $30 million?
> i would take on your other claims but your semantics
> are confused...when u 
> say "OVERestimate the US Govt/CIA" did you mean to
> say "UNDERestimate"?
> it's bad enuff confronting unsubstantiated
> hypothesis and propaganda, but 
> it's downright repellant to be induced to offer
> translation services to the 
> bullshit artists one is forced to confront! get yer
> grammar straight if you 
> want to be indulged...
> aight, fessup! who unlocked the loony bin? Isa, is
> this your doing :) ?
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