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Fri Jul 22 16:47:48 EDT 2005

It is very difficult to believe that Krasniqi raised $30 million  because  it 
would have been impossible to do this with Albanian  Americans.  In fact, 
it's highly doubtful that the TOTAL amount ever raised  from Albanian Americans 
for Kosova comes anywhere near $30 million, and it would  be surprising to 
learn that it even tops $10 million.   So, right  there this story has a 
deficiency.   As for any critique of the  story, it should be recognized that this 
documentary was made with the  full cooperation of Krasniqi. Last, do not 
overestimate the U.S. government  and CIA's role in this affair.  To do so is an 
exercise in romanticism at  best.   The US government didn't have any idea of who 
UCK was until  the war was well under way.  When Richard Hobrooke met with 
Albanian  Americans in 1998, he was desperate to find UCK leaders.  What he didn't 
 know is that key UCK supporters in the U.S. were seated at the table with  
him.   As for Krasniqi, he  was never a part of larger efforts to  engage the 
US in military intervention.  While he deserves  praise for his efforts, he was 
just one small piece of the larger  puzzle of how and why Kosova is no longer 
under Serb domination.   
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