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Jeton Ademaj jeton at
Fri Jul 22 13:06:09 EDT 2005


y'know, despite the jarring cyborg-stutter of the 'threatening' comment (a 
creative touch!), you actually had me going there for a sec. but u hadda 
include that last ps.2 diatribe, and the camel's back broke. troll, goblin, 
stalinist...exactly what sort of net-creature are you supposed to be, my 
little socialist c3po? u never answered the query regarding your country of 
origin i see...

"for the record": i'm no lawyer, and was not a participant in Mr. Krasniqi's 
actions. you should speak with a lawyer or an appropriate prosecutor if u 
wish to allege that Mr. Krasniqi commited some crime. More details about 
Florin's purchases can be found in the 7/17 60 minutes profile, and besides 
the NYTimes magazine article by Sullivan in 98, I recall our hardworking 
community holding multiple fundraisers. i also recall the tactic of 
pro-belgrade activists who claimed the albanian refugees were all actors 
paid by NATO a/o the CIA. Since i also recall that the large frontpage photo 
of the NYTimes on 4/6/99 consisted entirely of the better part of my 
father's extended family, and later, my grandmother's sobbing description of 
a serbian soldier breaking her hand while tossing her from her land, u 
should not expect me to treat your grad-student-apparatchik fulminations 
with any respect. u clearly have your own anti-American, anti-capitalist and 
presumably anti-Albanian agenda at work here, so unless you can put 
something up FOR REAL u should go find another forum to troll in. i'm not 
here to research your InterNational Answer or Worker's World Daily article 
for you.




P.S. If a film maker takes the trouble to SHOW me where arms get produced,
the stores/shows where you can buy them, how one courageous and "charming"
young man did it-was able to fund and basically win the war in his native
country; then, it stands to reason to wonder about the questions that
DIRECTLY underlie what this filmmaker shows me, namely HOW did he do it?
What were the steps? Give me an interactive outline of the legal procedures,
of the laws to bear & purchase & legally ship arms themselves, starting with
the 2 Amendment, if you will, and guide me through the process, show me how
this could have been done by anyone.

P.S.2. America, this country, is not a place of heroes. Heroism in America
is impossible. Both capitalism and individual heroism are impossible. The
principles, the foundations on which this country is built and its worship
of the dollar make heroism impossible. A World-dominating power can no
longer breed heroes, only criminals and anti-heroes (e.g. bin laden, whom it
also 'fed'). And a hero is precisely not an 'everyday' person; a hero lives
in myth, song and poetry. I sometimes even imagine that if bin Laden never
gets caught, as he should (if the US is going to have to learn anything by
being humbled), he will gain mythical status and will most definitely emerge
as a hero in the Arab world (he probably already is to his supporters). If
and when that happens, hundreds of years from now perhaps, the Arab world
will sing songs and write poetry about him, praising him for courage and

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