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Fri Jul 22 01:58:25 EDT 2005



I don't know how carefully and impartially you tried to read me, because it
seems to me that my three questions expressed reasonable doubts. But since I
don't have any information I turned to you. You say there is "substantial
evidence", but you yourself don't give any.  I suppose I'd have to do
further research if indeed there is any to be found. What you say isn't very
helpful in the way of informing my suspicions. You 'get the impression'
Krasniqi's actions were legal, that tells me that, like me, you don't know.
(Can you at least direct me?) 


Jeton, I value the time you took to respond to me, but your third paragraph
is a total waste of energy. You are merely reiterating what has been overly
stated on the website itself in writing and in the interview with the
director: that it's the US's wonderful laws that made this possible, rather
than any possible covert activities or whatever; which suggests that anyone
could have done it. You must be kidding me, if I am to think that either no
one before Krasniqi was smart enough to think of exploiting these laws to
solve problems of a similar nature around the world, or Krasniqi was a
goddamn genius who only needed a credit card, citizenship, and a clean
record, or we just know nothing at all of other similar legal exploits. Give
me a break!


I take it my questions didn't make much sense to you, if you get the sense
that I'm merely making an accusation. The accusation is or isn't there to
the extent that my questions are seen as appropriate. You don't, perhaps
somebody else might.


If I knew the truth I suppose I'd have just come out with it. As it is, I am
only voicing my suspicions, and asking for clarifications, because I'm not
persuaded, I don't see the entire story, no matter how touching and exotic
it is. If any people on this list have lived the reality of the war in
Kosove and even fought there with the arms that Krasniqi smuggled through
Albania, then maybe they should speak out and I will listen, if they know
something to say. I don't know what you mean with: 


The problem is you are on a list with many people who 

actually lived this reality, and if I were you I wouldn't expect to be 

entertained for long.


What makes you think that I'm being entertained? Should I start feel
threatened instead of curious? 


What I asked (of anyone who may know) was more information so that I could
correct, clarify, remove, eradicate or confirm my suspicions. If you or
others suggest that I myself bring evidence for my suspicions or otherwise
shut up, then I think my suspicions still stand, or stand even more.


As long as my questions sound reasonable to someone somewhere.



To be continued, of course.




P.S. If a film maker takes the trouble to SHOW me where arms get produced,
the stores/shows where you can buy them, how one courageous and "charming"
young man did it-was able to fund and basically win the war in his native
country; then, it stands to reason to wonder about the questions that
DIRECTLY underlie what this filmmaker shows me, namely HOW did he do it?
What were the steps? Give me an interactive outline of the legal procedures,
of the laws to bear & purchase & legally ship arms themselves, starting with
the 2 Amendment, if you will, and guide me through the process, show me how
this could have been done by anyone. 


P.S.2. America, this country, is not a place of heroes. Heroism in America
is impossible. Both capitalism and individual heroism are impossible. The
principles, the foundations on which this country is built and its worship
of the dollar make heroism impossible. A World-dominating power can no
longer breed heroes, only criminals and anti-heroes (e.g. bin laden, whom it
also 'fed'). And a hero is precisely not an 'everyday' person; a hero lives
in myth, song and poetry. I sometimes even imagine that if bin Laden never
gets caught, as he should (if the US is going to have to learn anything by
being humbled), he will gain mythical status and will most definitely emerge
as a hero in the Arab world (he probably already is to his supporters). If
and when that happens, hundreds of years from now perhaps, the Arab world
will sing songs and write poetry about him, praising him for courage and



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"Ms. Xa" :


I appreciate the art with which you postulate Florin Krasniqi as a CIA 

sockpuppet, but there is substantial evidence that Mr. Krasniqi raised this 

money from Albanians in the USA. As I stated initially, the current film is 

the outgrowth of the journalistic relationship between former Newsweek 

reporter Stacy Sullivan and Florin, which first manifested in a NYTimes 

magazine coverstory from 11/98, also titled "The Brooklyn Connection". The 

article chronicled Florin's fundraising efforts along with some of those of 

the wider Albanian diaspora.


As for the legality of Florin's actions, I get the impression Florin's 

transactions were entirely legal; if you think otherwise, state your case. 

Unless your case is simply that this is all CIA pixie-dust, if so I can 

recommend a haberdasher of fine foils, and can make you a most fetching 

unisex pork-pie in Reynolds Heavy Duty Foil, sized to your specification of 



The United States has a profound history of freedom, at least for it's 

citizens --the criteria for which has expanded over the years. One of the 

most profound is the freedom of self-defense, with commensurate means. Its 

called the right to keep and bear arms, and it is enshrined the Second 

Amendment. Florin would not have a problem learning the legal status of 

firearms purchase if he or anyone made a determined effort to learn...this 

is not some big secret. I get the sense that you're more accustomed to 

government that keeps the legal procedures of armed self-defense some sort 

of arcane secret-- where would that be exactly, "Ms. Xa"?


Your ruminations of the nature of heroism notwithstanding, the word 'hero' 

is certainly in the vernacular, and has transcended any mythopoetic 

formality. By many definitions, Florin's actions are entirely heroic, in the

sense that an everyday man got involved in the struggle for freedom from a 

monstrous oppressor that his relatives lived for, and made a great success 

of it. The impression is clear you feel Florin's story is a mirage and you 

know the real one. The problem is you are on a list with many people who 

actually lived this reality, and if I were you I wouldn't expect to be 

entertained for long. If you actually have some sort of evidence or even 

reasonable basis to back your stated suspicions, offer them.


Simply hissing accusations in an ambigous semantic fog will get you flamed, 

otherwise :)






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