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[NYC-L] a small-world quickie :)

Jeton Ademaj jeton at
Thu Jul 21 03:22:14 EDT 2005

and the laffs just keep on keepin on...

so here i am responding to an email from a filmmaker friend who chronicles 
2nd Amendment issues, asking me if i saw the 60 minutes piece with Florin (i 
hadn't, but i just read the transcript from their 7/17 broadcast, same day i 
took some fellow queers shooting) and i mentioned the POV premiere of "The 
Brooklyn Connection". on a lark i looked again and noticed POV's site has a 
link to the film's mainsite which is

now when i checked their press page, i noticed good ole' NYC-L at the 
bottom! its supposed to be of that Carlyle Group Op-Ed from the NYTimes in 
Feb, but it was actually a notice for some albo singer. however, the 
preceding message is where that op-ed can be found, and of course it was me 
that posted it.

...yet somehow i'm not entirely glad to be of service, "fishbowl" indeed...i 
just wish Florin had waited until maybe AFTER the midterm elections to try 
to suck up to the Democratic Party.



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