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[NYC-L] PBS KLA Hatchet Job

SimonVukel at SimonVukel at
Wed Jul 20 10:44:04 EDT 2005

I thought it was one of the worst documentaries I have ever seen,  regardless 
of topic.  It jumped all over the place, and I'm not sure how  someone with 
no knowledge of the kosova war would have known what was going  on.
the 60 minutes piece was much much better.
I also think this is the worst time for this kind of thing.   There's bombs 
going off in London, we're pushing for the resolution of Kosova's  status as 
soon as possible, and Krasniqi and friends are talking about  terrorists vs 
freedom fighters, and how he was in touch with al qaeda and could  have received 
aid from them! (and he admits others talked him out of it).
Kosova will be on the front burner soon, but this is not the way to do  it.  
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