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[NYC-L] PBS KLA Hatchet Job

Jeton Ademaj jeton at
Wed Jul 20 00:37:21 EDT 2005

Hey all

i just finished watching the latest installment of P.O.V. on PBS Channel 13 
in New York and it was the long awaited film version of Stacy Sullivan's 
journalistic relationship with Florin Krasniqi, called "The Brooklyn 
Connection". The film takes Ms. Sullivan's barely contained contempt for 
Krasniqi's efforts and adds editorial juxtapostions from the filmmaker. 
Essentially the film comes off as a pro-UN, pro-internationalist 
anti-profile, with a strong sub-focus on the US gun-control angle. Since i 
run the NYC chapter of the Pink Pistols, i might be more sensitive to 
anti-2nd Amendment politicking than Florin is, but I think another angle 
manipulated into the film should concern everyone on this list:

Towards the end of the film, with the filmmaker following assorted KLA arms 
shipment routes into Kosove, they show an excerpt of Florin describing the 
UN's moribund bureaucracy, and how one of it's aims is to keep Kosova's 
economy from moving forward too qucikly, so they sit on the economy to 
thwart any unilateral declaration of independence. Florin goes on to say 
that "if need be, we'll get the UN out of here as well". The film then 
juxtaposes that with a KFOR commander describing the zero-tolerance KFOR has 
for armed activity by "extremists"...

...well the film ends shortly thereafter, and then the filmmaker (not Ms. 
Sullivan, one Ms. Klaartje Quirijns) begins speaking in a talking-head 
format. She goes on to say that she's frequently asked "why did he let u 
film him, why did he tell u all of these secrets" and she offers what 
appears to be her own analysis, i paraphrase because i didnt record the 
program: "I think Florin wants Kosovo to be back on the front burner, to 
bring attention thats been lost with the war in Iraq. As frustration grows 
with their current situation, they appear to be preparing to fight 
NATO"...this assesment most certainly goes beyond what I heard Florin 
Krasniqi say in the film, which focused on thwarting UN obstructionism.

I understand Florin wanting to bring attention back to K, i just wish he had 
been more appreciative of the international and domestic-US agendas of the 
filmmaker and journalist he cooperated with.

The program, "P.O.V. : The Brooklyn Connection" can be researched at will also rebroadcast locally in NYC on July 25th at 1am 
(sunday-nite/monday morning). people can also offer comments on the pov 

spread the word...


PS: Isa, pardon the delay, i do owe u an extended response onlist to your 
last long missive. i promise to provide one shortly...

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