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[NYC-L] Fwd: In need of an apartment???

Flora Kelmendi florakelmendi at
Tue Jul 12 12:36:29 EDT 2005

Tung Valon,
I would suggest contacting Columbia housing as that's one of the best 
options around here. The application deadline is probably long due but it's 
still worth trying. They usually give housing priority to international 
students so emphasise that in your correspondence with them (i.e. if you are 
an international student). You can find their info on the Columbia website. 
 Another option is the International House located on 123rd st and Riverside 
Drive. The rent is reasonable and it's not too far from the campus. Friends 
of mine who live there seem to like it. Hope this information helps!
 Good luck with you search!

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Hi there,
I will be starting my graduate degree at Columbia University this
fall and
was wondering if any of you would have suggestions about finding a
cheap flat in NYC. I know there aren't any nice cheap places in NYC
but if
you know someone who rents places or needs a roomate I would really
appreciate it. And if you are in NY I will buy you coffee.

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