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Kreshnik Bejko kbejko at
Wed Mar 21 17:14:36 EST 2001

Ok, it's about time to stop attacking these people based
on who they feel they are. If a Macedonian feels Macedonian that's his/her 
business. If a Macedonian tramples on the Albanians' right THEN it is our 
business. Time has come to put our heads together and figure out a way for a 
brighter future for all Albanians now that changes in Kosova,and Macedonia 
seem inevitable, and Albanian politics is more fractured then ever in all of 
the Albanian entities in the Balkans. Time has come to end
parochialism and look forward to a great future in Europe
(which, incidentally, in our folk tradition is referred to as The Old 

>From: "Valon Hamiti" <valon_hamiti at>
>Hi Sasko,

I'm afraid that these facts presented by you don't make any sense at all.  
I've been may times in so called Macedonia,  I'm saying this because the 
name of this Balkanic state is not defined as is is called FYROM, this means 
the there is not at all macedonian people, but you must admit that you are 
just a sllav, maybe of bulgarian or serbian origin, and "macedonian 
language" as far as I understand is just a combination between serb and 
bulgarian words that make up sentences, that match enough to communicate 
properly, thus they make up "macedonian" language. So after all your 
natiaonal identity as  is uncertain.

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