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Press Release
18 December 1999		UNMIK/PR/116	
PTK Signs Turnkey Mobile Telephone Contract for Kosovo
with Alcatel and Monaco Telecom
Following the tender conducted by the Post and Telecommunications in the 
territory of Kosovo (PTK) and UNMIK's decision based on the recommendations 
of the Joint Civil Commission on Post and Telecommunications, PTK signed a 
contract with Alcatel and Monaco Telecom on 17 December 1999 in Paris, for 
the turnkey supply of a GSM-900 mobile network in the territory of Kosovo.
The conclusion came after three days of negotiations in Pristina and in 
Paris. PTK was represented by Mr. Gerard Fischer, General Manager ad 
interim, assisted by UNMIK Telecommunications and Legal experts. Alcatel 
was represented by Mr. Jean-Michel Lejosne, Director of Central Project 
Management and Monaco Telecom, by its President, Mr. Richard Lalande.
As operator of the mobile telephone network, PTK - Vala 900, a subsidiary 
of PTK, will purchase from Alcatel the equipment necessary to install a 
mobile network in the territory of Kosovo with an ultimate capacity of 
100,000 lines. Alcatel is responsible for the installation and the starting 
up of the equipment.
PTK and Alcatel agreed to launch the first phase of the deployment of the 
network as early as 22 December 1999. This first phase will provide a 
mobile network for the seven main cities of Kosovo as well as in the 
airport within 12 weeks. Emergency equipment for the Region of Pristina 
will be installed at the beginning of the year which means that it should 
be possible to make the first phone calls in January 2000.
Through this contract PTK-Vala will set up pre-paid and post-paid calling 
systems for subscribers based in Kosovo. PTK-Vala 900 will also be able to 
benefit from over 100 international roaming agreements, allowing callers to 
get through to all major countries and producing substantial revenue for 
Kosovo. All money paid by Kosovars and other local subscribers in Kosovo 
will remain fully with PTK-Vala 900.
The closing on the transaction will take place on 22 December 1999 in 

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