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Fri Mar 29 16:33:44 EST 2002

 * NEW BOOK ON IMMIGRANTS:  Many of our communities have witnessed the
experience of refugee resettlement. Now we learn  the "inside story" from
author Ganimete Myftiu, who is both a former refugee and a case worker.
The book entitled: "Refugees in New H(e)aven" is available (in English:
$15) from the Albanian Archdiocese Chancery Office at 523 East Broadway,
SBoston, MA 02127. What follows is a review printed on the book cover, by
Fr. Arthur Liolin: 

       This volume of 151 pages  "..... is the gripping testimony of
Ganimete Myftiu's interviews with newcomer refugees in New Haven and the
traumatic, insecure world they inhabit. As an Albanian Kosovar refugee,
she writes with intimacy of the subject, a sturdy passion for justice and
with a reflective poignancy that is both disquieting and serene. From the
start, Connecticut itself seems to wrestle with the anxieties of the
Third Millennium, sometimes playfully mocked, sometimes portrayed as a
wily seductress, yet still loved. With poetic contrast, the author
escorts us from Yale's studied ambience to discover ethnic neighborhoods
as we listen to the trying tales of survivors and asylum seekers.
Vulnerability and strength, expectation and brute reality, banal
hypocrisy and resistance to evil leave the reader curiously bewildered,
just like the refugees she describes. Most of all hope, both lost and
found, imbue this diary of a sojourner who refuses to abandon her sanity
and values, prodding us with a sense of what is right and true. The fairy
tale and the computer have become for her, twin icons of the story:
emblems either of nostalgia or bureaucracy, which are nonetheless
overcome with aplomb. In some ways, this is the account of a place to
which only those who have visited can rightfully relate and fathom.  As
Goethe wrote:  'Who wants to understands the poem, must go to the land of
poetry. Who wishes to understand the poet, must go to the poet's land'  
Ganimete Myftiu brings us very close to sharing the experiences of an
ambiguous world, one which has become increasingly relevant to American
society in our day. " 
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