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[ALBSA-Info] Bribe allegations on Macedonia

Agron Alibali aalibali at
Sun Jun 17 14:37:37 EDT 2001

[03] GLIGOROV INSISTS ON BRIBE OFFER, NAMES ONE MANAthens, 17 June 2001 (19:36 UTC+2) 
FYROM's former president Kiro Gligorov reiterated his recent claims that in May 1992 the Greek government made persistent financial offers in an effort to make him agree to forsake the term Macedonia from his country's name, this time actually naming one individual who served as a go-between. 
In an interview with the Sunday edition of the Athens daily To Vima, Mr. Gligorov stated that a Greek retired army general, Nikos Grylakis, attempted to bribe him with an ancient amphora. He also reiterated his earlier claim that Greek intelligence officials offered him, via FYROM's secret service agents, the sum of one million dollars if he would agree to changing the name of his country. 
Mr. Gryllakis served at the security chief of Greece's then-premier, Constantine Mitsotakis who is presently the honorary president of the main opposition party of New Democracy. 
When Mr. Gligorov made his first allegations last week, Mr. Mitsotakis' response was quick and to the point last night: The specific reference lacks any seriousness, he said, adding that the claim is irrational and crude. 
A.F. Macedonian Press Agency

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