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[ALBSA-Info] The internationalism of the Alb. govt

Kreshnik Bejko kbejko at
Wed Jun 13 10:50:37 EDT 2001

Dear All,

If the international community(through one of its mouthpieces such as the 
International Crisis Group which published the report where the following 
excerpt is from)thinks the Albanian authorities are sacrificing LEGITIMATE 
national interests on account of internationalism what should we as 
Albanians think? (of course this is a rhetorical question)

[…] the current Albanian government has embraced internationalism so avidly 
that it has failed to articulate what is considered a legitimate national 
program. With growing conerns over the perceived Hellenisation of  southern 
Albania, the problems in Presevo and Macedonia, and the unresolved status of 
Kosovo, both the Albanians of former Yugoslavia and many within Albania have 
accused Tirana of selling the nation out. To some degree, the Albanians 
living outside Albania accept the predicament the Albanian authorties face 
in having to toe the West’s line. They also recognize that Albania has a 
role to play in the delicate balance of power between the various Albanian 
entities while simultaneously building closer economic links with its Balkan 
neighbors. But their message to Tirana is clear: don’t sacrifice the 
national interests
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