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Agron Alibali aalibali at
Tue Jul 10 21:02:10 EDT 2001

Problems of Roma, Muslims, Albanians and non-respect of judicial decisions in Greece recorded in the EP Report on Human Rights in the EU in 2000

On Wednesday 4 July 2001, the European Parliament will discuss the Motionfor a Resolution "on the situation as regards fundamental rights in the EUin 2000" based on an appended report by the Committee on Citizens' Freedomand Rights, Justice and Home Affairs (rapporteur: Thierry Cornillet). The report is available at and The proposed amendments to the Motion: and related Opinion of the Committee on Petitions: and report has many references to Greece, among which the lengthier ones are:"It seems that certain minorities are still experiencing difficulties inGreece in particular (theMuslim minority in Western Thrace does not enjoy full freedom of expressionor full controlover its schools, while the Albanian community is a frequent target ofxenophobia)" (p. 62)"The situation of the Roma is particularly disturbing in two EU MemberStates, Italy andGreece.... According to the Human Rights Watch report (2001), the Romacommunity in Greece hassuffered ill-treatment, notably in the form of brutal expulsions in thevicinity of Athens inpreparation for the 2004 Olympic Games, as well as in other cities(Thessaloniki), acts ofviolence which went unpunished, with no effort made to put forwardequitable proposals forrehousing the expelled communities. In addition to forced expulsions, theRoma are oftenvictims of police brutality and many do not have Greek nationality eventhough they have always lived in the country." (pp. 63-4)"- non-respect of final judicial decisions by the administrationIn the Memorandum from 14 September 2000 (CM/Inf(2000)51 Committee ofMinisters, Council of Europe) the Committee of Ministers expresses its concern about the refusal ofseveral branches of the administration in Greece to abide by final and executable decisionof Greek tribunals. The committee mentions - inter alia - its judgements Hornsby v. Greece,March 2000 and Georgiadis Dimitrios v. Greece, June 2000 and points out that several othercases of that kind are pending before the European Court of Human Rights. It was already previouslysuggested to the Greek authorities to consider improvements of the system of civil and administrativeresponsibility of officials especially incase they oppose illegally to the execution of judicial decisions. Theadoption of an InterimResolution is reiterated since it could support the efforts undertaken bythe judicial authoritiesto abide by the judgements of the European Court of Human Rights and anycurrentlegislative projects and prompt the Greek government to take urgentmeasures concerningobvious illegal conduct of certain parts of the administration." (p. 113)

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